Act of Valor

February 27, 2012

Act of Valor

You’ll notice i didnt put anyone up in the cast for this movie because if you havent read or seen anything about this film, everyone but a handful of people are real active duty navy seals.  The movie starts on a doctor in mexico who you find out is undercover CIA getting intel on a terrorist cell.  She gets kidnapped and tortured and the US sends a seal team to get her back.  After the seal team gets her, they find a phone in the room she’s in and take it back with them.  The search the phone and find out that some major arms movement is going on and the end game is terrorist with bombs on them.  The US sends the seal team back out to gather more intel and also to take out all threates.  Everytime you see a uniform in the movie they are active duty soldiers.  When i went to see this on Saturday, V100, a local radio station here, had handed out free tickets to the movie.  A lot of the people in the theater were either active duty personnel or retired armed forces.  I also had a friend that was there who is national guard and a friend who is currently in georgia for army training who saw this on friday.  Both of them said that it was a pretty good movie.  They are army so they couldnt say how much of the things that the seals did were right on but what they some of the things that the movie did was spot on.  I always like seeing these movies with someone that is in the field so i can say, “how close was this to the real thing” and get an honest answer.  You can tell that these guys are not actors.  There are a lot of people out there that are saying this is one huge recruitment video for the seals.  ITS A MOVIE PEOPLE!!  Some of it looked like the video game Call of Duty where you get the first person shooter view when they are going into buildings.  I didnt feel like i was being recruited or that i wanted to run out and sign up.  The gun battles and fight scenes are amazing.  The scene with the boats pulling up to rescue the seals looked real, it looked like they were really firing live rounds into a truck full of terrorists.  If you get a chance to see this movie, do it at the theater!

7.5 outta 10 wahoo’s


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